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Yoga vs. Pilates – How common and different are they?

Many people have become interested in both Yoga and Pilates because of the improved flexibility that is offered. Both systems are sophisticated and integrate very common exercises that target the muscles in the entire body. Both Yoga and Pilates, for example, follow principles that include concentration, control, breathing, stretching, centering and flow. Of course, there are different types of Yoga, but in this case, we will be referring to Hatha Yoga as it is quite similar to most Pilates moves.

While there are a lot of similarities, there also are main differences. Pilates puts its primary focus on strength training and Yoga focuses more on stretching. The two, together, can make a great pair. Most trainers in the city of Miami and in the United States have attested to the fact that Pilates creates length in the body and yoga helps the body to develop strength.

A lot of people find that the core muscle strength that they receive from Pilates help them to do better in their daily activities and in other exercise programs as well. For those people who engage in Pilates and Yoga workouts, Pilates tend to give them the stability that is necessary for control in Yoga exercises so that their poses can be safer. On the other hand, the stretching that one gets during yoga helps the person to maintain balance during pilates exercises. One unique thing to mention is that Yoga exercises are expressed using fewer props than Pilates does.

The commonality

Pilates and Yoga both concentrate on breathing. It is said that breathing helps to control the body’s system and is encouraged throughout both of these workout programs. In fact, good breathing enhances the exercise moves. However, Yoga concentrates more on extensive and deeper breathing during the poses. It helps the body to relax and be in a meditative state. Pilates concentrates on deep and lateral breathing that coordinates with each movement. They are really pretty much quite similar, but one is done mainly to improve meditation and the other to rejuvenate the body.

Both exercises help the individual to use their breathing to connect the physical aspect of the exercise with the mental aspect. Pilates and yoga are said to be very supportive to the body’s development to form a body that is graceful. They both help to reduce stress and improve the individual’s well being. They are oftentimes used for physical rehabilitation. Both exercises adjust to age, culture, fitness level and gender.


Yoga does have a sense of spirituality in the way that it is performed. Pilates enhances the wholesomeness of the individual in mind, body and spirit. Each of these exercises has its own full discipline. There are so many types of Yoga, for example, and they all take time to learn. Pilates, also, takes time to learn. One does need a trainer or teacher to provide guidance during these exercise programs and it is an ongoing training.

Instead of choosing one or the other, why not do both of them? You will get the full benefit of both that will help you to perform better in each of them. In fact, Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, studied both Yoga and Pilates and found it to be very rewarding and complimentary of each other.

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